Who Is Fuzzyhead?

Besides Web Design, there are a lot of things we do here at Fuzzyhead, but the thing we are most passionate about is helping people with “Technology”.

Right now most of that entails helping people with their computers, creating web sites and creative marketing.

There are many services we offer to support those efforts, like photography, video and social networking to name a few.

It can be quite overwhelming when it comes to the technologies that you hear about for offering your product or services on the internet and we can promise you this; we eat, live and breathe this stuff every day of our lives, and have been for over 29 years.

We have found through much effort and trying many ways of doing things, that it is best to leave most, if not all the online technologies to us and you should concentrate on what you do best and are passionate about.

We can promise you that our rates are extremely reasonable, and you will find it costs you much less to let an expert do the work and you will have much less frustration!

Thanks for taking the time to listen to our message and we hope you will consider giving us a call for any of your needs.

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